About me:
Leticia Fonseca

I’m a woman, working to help women help themselves. I will teach you techniques to manage your money, help you understand and grow your own beliefs around money, and give you the support to believe in yourself and stay the course to make yourself financially free. You do the work.

I grew up without money, following poor examples of money management from my parents. I resolved not to be like them. My resolve was tested when I moved from Brazil to the UK with very little money, no job and no friends.

Over a few years, I used my financial organisation techniques to avoid debt and invest in my future as I went from waitress to marketing manager in ten years. From virtually nothing in 2005, I have established savings, bought a flat in London, learned about investment and set myself on the path to become financially free. I want to help you do the same thing.

It’s not magic, it’s not a scheme or a cult or a con. It’s about taking control, getting organised, setting your intentions and developing positive habits that make a big difference in the long run.

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