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Learn how to make your money work for you by investing in the UK

In the My 1st UK Investment mentoring programme you'll learn to invest in stocks & shares safely and independently as well as manage risk through simple and effective techniques.

I'll guide you in your investment journey as you continue to evolve towards financial freedom.

What is the My 1st UK Investment
mentoring programme?

The mentoring programme is a gradual process of learning and practice. Although it is NOT A COURSE, in some moments I will teach and in others we will share ideas and experiences so that we can all grow together.

Whether you already know something about investment, or you're starting from scratch, the goal is to put your money to work for you. You will need to dedicate yourself to the process and study during your journey.

Mentoring Content Programme


Week 1

➤ How to make money investing

➤ Investing x Trading

➤ How to calculate your key number

➤ Creating achievable goals: META

➤ 360° review of your finances

➤ Needs/Wants/Priorities

➤ Open and fund your investment account


Week 3

➤ Individual Savings Account

➤ Investment Platforms

➤ Investor vocabulary

➤ Best way to invest according to Warren Buffet

➤ Deep dive – part 1

➤ Your investment plan – part 1

Week 2

➤ Decluttering your finances

➤ How much you need to set aside

➤ 50/30/20 model

➤ The Investment Map

➤ Investment trio

➤ Investor profile: risk appetite x loss capacity

➤ The best investment


Week 4

➤ Deep dive – part 2

➤ How to automate your investments

➤ How to manage your investments

➤ How to create the right investment strategy for you

➤ Your investment plan – part 2

How will the mentoring be delivered?

This process takes 4-6 sessions delivered live, biweekly
100% online via Google Meet
Next group starts in 2024 - date to be confirmed @ 7pm UK
Small groups of up to 15 people only

8+ hours of LIVE learning

Is it right for you? Find out here:

Who is My 1st UK Investment for?

➤ Individuals who are UK tax residents and can invest in the UK
➤ Individuals who want to invest in the UK but don't know where to start
➤ Individuals who are willing to commit to learning
➤ Individuals who cultivate self-responsibility for their own growth
➤ Individuals who are willing to share experiences without judgment
➤ Individuals who are prepared to invest for the long term

Who is My 1st UK Investment NOT for?

➤ Those who are in debt
➤ Those who expect to be rich within a year
➤ Those who are not willing to put in the effort to bring results
➤ Those who don't have money to invest
➤ Those who think they can cut corners
➤ Those who believe they can invest on their own
➤ Those who are not willing to learn new things

How to create a proper investment strategy for your life and
how to accelerate the realisation of your financial plans

Why am I the best person to help you?

I'm Leticia Fonseca, the creator of Master Your Finances, a personal finances development training company.

I've been living in the UK since 2005. When I first arrived I could barely say 'Hi' in English. I began earning £400 a month as a waitress, but I was determined to create a better life.

Besides waitressing, I have worked as a teacher, account manager and marketing manager.

In less than five years, I managed to increase my salary by more than 156%.

In four years, I managed to buy my first apartment in London on my own.

After helping friends and family with their personal money issues, I created a programme to help other people achieve financial success through planning, organisation and smart investments. In 2019, I qualified as a personal finances coach and financial educator.

In 2023, I qualified as a Financial Adviser, certified by the Financial Conduct Authority. I am on track to become financially independent by December 2029.

How was My 1st UK Investment
mentoring programme born?

After training more than 3,000 individuals with their personal finances, I realised the need to create groups of people with the same goals: put their money to work in the UK, have money conversations and accompany them along the way.

Hear from former clients of the mentoring programme



From £1297 to...



It is very important to emphasise that I cannot guarantee returns on investments since we will be working with variable income.

There will be no recommendations in the process in which you will participate,
only DIRECTIONS on how to handle your money and investments.

The intention is to create and develop a financial education from the available options and enable you to make the best decisions for yourself.

You may be thinking: "It doesn't make sense for me to take some of
my money that I would invest and pay for a mentoring programme..."

On the contrary: mentoring is part of your investment because if you don't know how to invest you will lose time and money along the way.
In the end, it will cost you much more.

Leticia Fonseca | Investments in the UK
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👯‍♀️ 3,000+ changed their personal finances

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