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Let’s normalise the money subject by talking about it. I am a teacher in my heart and I like transforming the most complicated things into simple concepts that everyone can understand. No, you don’t HAVE to know everything about money. Simplicity can also be effective when it comes to personal finances.

Whether you would like me to be there virtually or in person,

I am ready.

Priscilla Sousa
Priscilla SousaSenior Consultant
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We invited Leticia to run a few sessions for our employees here at Hitachi, to discuss various topics around Corporate Wellbeing Finance. The engagement was remarkable. Leticia is very knowledgeable, and delivered the sessions efficiently. We could not be happier to have met her and, most importantly, to learn so many interesting tips to better progress and manage our personal finances.
Sheena Bevitt
Sheena BevittSenior Lecturer HRM at The University of Derby
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A huge Thank you to Leticia Fonseca for a fascinating session on Financial Well-being with our final year HR students this morning. We have not only got a taste for what Financial Education might look like within a business but have also all learned some great skills to set our own financial goals and how we can achieve them through behaviour change. I would urge businesses to reach out to Leticia to find out how she can help you provide Financial Education to staff at a time when everyone is feeling ‘the pinch’ and this is having such a significant impact on staff well-being.
Becky Holland
Becky HollandCEO at BH&P
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Leticia ran a Master your Finances workshop for my team, as part of an ongoing development programme. The session was highly interactive, containing stimulating and useful questions and content, and managed with utter discretion. The information she shared worked extremely well for people at all levels, but especially for younger team members and those living within a budget, with a focus on setting financial goals that allow you to live your best life. I would recommend Leticia wholeheartedly to any organisation that is invested in supporting employees.

The most popular subjects include:

  • Financial Health Check – what are the 6 things you should know about your personal finances
  • 360° audit of your personal finances
  • Investment basics
  • 10 things you can do to improve your personal finances today
  • Do retirement-age you a favour right now

“I love listening to you speak and getting to know you better. The way you speak is empowering.
Thank you for your time and for sharing your knowledge.”

About Leticia

Approachable and charismatic, Leticia helps people overcome their insecurities and feel comfortable talking about money.

A major pillar of Leticia’s success is understanding her audience and talking genuinely at their level.

Her simple, practical approach appeals to financial beginners and experts alike.

Leticia has an excellent track record of leading individual and group sessions as well as running and hosting complete events.

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