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Financial mentoring for individuals who prefer personalised service tailored to their specific needs and speed. Usually between 8-10 sessions, depending on your requirements.

Master Money Plan

Before you start investing and growing your money, you MUST get the foundation right. The Master Money Plan is an on-demand digital guide that sets you on the path financial freedom.

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Inspire your audience to improve their personal finances. Need a speaker for your next conference or event? I can help!!

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In the Master Money Club mentoring programme, you'll learn to invest in the stock market safely and independently using simple and effective techniques.

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About me

Leticia Fonseca

I’m a financial educator and a certified Financial Advisor, working to help people help themselves financially. I will teach you tried and tested techniques to manage your money, help you change your beliefs around money for the better, and give you the support to believe in yourself and stay the course to become financially free. 

I give you the tools; you create your own success. It’s not magic and you don’t need to be good with numbers. Personally, I’m about as far from a mathematical genius as you can get.

It’s about responsibility, autonomy, and simplicity. These are the three pillars that have brought me to where I am now and are what I share with clients through financial education.

I grew up in Brazil with very little money. Early on, I decided I must create a different life for myself.

I applied my three pillars to save enough money to move to the UK and start a new life in the UK from scratch. Over a few years, my pillars helped me stay away from debt and invest in my future as I went from waitress to sales to marketing manager and finally to a safe career progression to financial education.

From arriving in the UK with virtually nothing in 2005, I have established savings, bought a flat in London, learned about investment, and set myself on the path to become financially free. I want to help you do the same thing. I invite you to join me on my journey.

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Google Reviews

Priscilla Sousa
Priscilla Sousa
9 May 2024
We invited Leticia to run a few sessions for our employees here at Hitachi, to discuss various topics around Corporate Wellbeing Finance. The engagement was remarkable. Leticia is very knowledgeable, and delivered the sessions efficiently. We could not be happier to have met her and, most importantly, to learn so many interesting tips to better progress and manage our personal finances.
Renata Rey
Renata Rey
3 May 2024
I just finished my financial mentoring with Leticia and I absolutely loved it. I'm still at the beginning, but now I have the confidence to invest. Thank you for all the support and knowledge.
Kelcilenes Da Silva
Kelcilenes Da Silva
2 May 2024
I recently attended a financial mentoring course, and I can't speak highly enough about it! The course was truly enlightening, providing me with practical tools and strategies to take control of my finances. What made the experience exceptional was our mentor, Leticia. Her expertise and passion for helping others were evident in every session. Leticia's teaching style is both engaging and approachable, making complex financial concepts easy to understand. She took the time to answer all our questions and provided personalized advice that really resonated with my individual goals. Her encouragement and genuine desire to see us succeed made a huge impact on my learning journey. Thanks to Leticia's guidance, I now feel more confident in my financial planning and decision-making. If you're looking to improve your financial literacy or reach your financial goals, I highly recommend this course and Leticia as a mentor!
Yan Guerif
Yan Guerif
1 May 2024
Amazing program which bring me and my son closer to financial freedom. Great mentor, great service, life changing program!
Angela Banzi
Angela Banzi
29 April 2024
A Leticia é excelente no que faz. O melhor curso de administração de finança que eu poderia ter feito. Indico 100%
Lala Cogo
Lala Cogo
17 April 2024
I gained my first understanding of personal finances and investments in the UK with Leticia. Her mentoring taught me how to invest, manage my money wisely, and develop a healthier financial outlook. She is professional and always open to helping. I definitely recommend her and her services.
Andréa Aguiar
Andréa Aguiar
3 April 2024
Letícia é uma profissional que Eu conheco desde a adolescência, quando fomos colegas de Escola. Responsável desde aquela época, graduou como professora de inglês e decidiu que iria morar fora do país, planejou e custeou sua própria viagem, mostrando mais uma vez quão responsável e determinada é. Há quase 20 anos morando em Londres, a vida dela é só progresso, a custa de muita dedicação, disciplina, esforço, estudo e aprendizado. Já há alguns anos formada e atuando no ramo das finanças, tem ajudado muitas pessoas, na grande maioria mulheres, se organizarem financeiramente, se tornarem independentes e investidoras. Ajudou a mim tbm! Quando eu nem imaginava como “poupar” ou como gastar de modo organizado, participei de um curso com ela e aprendi muito, ela facilita bastante o aprendizado, passando as informações de modo bem natural. Eu recomendo o trabalho dela de olhos fechados!
Inner Journey - Vivi Mazzocco
Inner Journey - Vivi Mazzocco
31 March 2024
Leiticia is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive throughout the entirety of the course. I have learnt so much with her about finances and investments and would highly recommend her. In addition to her professionalism, Leticia has a warm and friendly personality and has a genuine interest in helping you achieve your financial goals. Edivania Mazzocco Claydon
claudia zanchin
claudia zanchin
19 February 2024
Master your Finances was everything I was looking for in a Financial educator. Leticia explained well every step I needed to start investing and walk towards my financial independency. I know it'a a long ride but I know I'm not alone and this is the most important thing for me. Thank you Leticia for making this journey more straightforward and enjoyable.
anita v
anita v
2 February 2024
We recently had the privilege of a session where Leticia shared insights into her personal journey, highlighting the diverse range of careers she navigated before finding her current path. Leticia's presentation not only provided a fascinating glimpse into her professional evolution but also imparted valuable advice to students on making sound financial decisions. One of the key takeaways from Leticia's talk was the emphasis on planning for the future. She encouraged students to adopt a forward-thinking mindset, stressing the importance of setting S-M-A-R-T goals—specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. This strategic approach to goal-setting resonated deeply, offering a practical framework for students to apply in their own lives. Leticia's ability to blend personal anecdotes with practical advice created an engaging and relatable session. Her insights went beyond the conventional career guidance, touching on the financial aspects that are often overlooked by students entering the professional world. Overall, Leticia's presentation was not only informative but also inspiring. It left a lasting impression on the audience, motivating them to approach their careers with a proactive and goal-oriented mindset. I highly commend Leticia for her openness, valuable guidance, and the impactful way she connected with the audience. Anita Virik Head of Employer Engagement Anglia Ruskin University, London

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My work offers information about saving, planning, budgeting and investments, but never personal advice. If you’re unsure what financial products are right for you, including investments, then please seek professional financial advice from a certified & regulated independent financial advisor. Please be reminded that when it comes to investments, your capital is at risk.