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of people in debt say it
impacts their mental health
50 %
of UK adults lack confidence in managing their money
10 %

1 in 6

Over-55s have no pension savings yet

5 reasons you need financial wellbeing

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Mentoring one-to-one

Financial mentoring for individuals who prefer personalised service tailored to their specific needs and speed. Usually between 8-10 sessions, depending on your requirements.

Master Money Plan

Before you start investing and growing your money, you MUST get the foundation right. The Master Money Plan is an on-demand digital guide that sets you on the path financial freedom.

Hire me to speak

Inspire your audience to improve their personal finances. Need a speaker for your next conference or event? I can help!!

Investment Mentoring

In the Master Money Club mentoring programme, you'll learn to invest in the stock market safely and independently using simple and effective techniques.

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About me

Leticia Fonseca

I’m a financial educator and a certified Financial Advisor, working to help people help themselves financially. I will teach you tried and tested techniques to manage your money, help you change your beliefs around money for the better, and give you the support to believe in yourself and stay the course to become financially free. 

I give you the tools; you create your own success. It’s not magic and you don’t need to be good with numbers. Personally, I’m about as far from a mathematical genius as you can get.

It’s about responsibility, autonomy, and simplicity. These are the three pillars that have brought me to where I am now and are what I share with clients through financial education.

I grew up in Brazil with very little money. Early on, I decided I must create a different life for myself.

I applied my three pillars to save enough money to move to the UK and start a new life in the UK from scratch. Over a few years, my pillars helped me stay away from debt and invest in my future as I went from waitress to sales to marketing manager and finally to a safe career progression to financial education.

From arriving in the UK with virtually nothing in 2005, I have established savings, bought a flat in London, learned about investment, and set myself on the path to become financially free. I want to help you do the same thing. I invite you to join me on my journey.

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My work offers information about saving, planning, budgeting and investments, but never personal advice. If you’re unsure what financial products are right for you, including investments, then please seek professional financial advice from a certified & regulated independent financial advisor. Please be reminded that when it comes to investments, your capital is at risk.