For individuals who prefer having a personalised service tailored to their specific needs. The total number of sessions will vary depending on what you as the client wish to achieve.

We will follow these steps in detail:

    1. Understand what your current situation is
    2. Establish what you want to achieve (goal setting)
    3. Identify the current barriers
    4. Map your current knowledge
    5. Develop a plan
    6. Put the plan into action
The sessions are usually online. We will be using simple tools you can apply to simplify your life.

The Results

Positive impact on physical, emotional, mental and social attitude.

A personalised plan which we will have already started to work on related to the goal that we set at the beginning of the sessions such as debt payment plan, emergency funds or investment plans.

"I am not sure if I have thanked you enough for all the work we have done together, for the transformation you have brought and still bring daily into my life! Perhaps I have but I felt like doing it again. Lê, your contribution is indispensable for me! My financial life has completely changed because of you and now I am aware of what I need to do in order to achieve my goals. You are a mentor that inspires, you are open minded, you are gentle and polite without pressuring us to follow a standard. Your sensitivity in understanding each person, each investor profile, makes you an amazing person as well as professional and THE best at what you do! You deliver results! Immense and infinite gratitude for sharing your knowledge! You deserve all the success in the world!"

About Leticia

Approachable and charismatic, Leticia helps people overcome their insecurities and feel comfortable talking about money. A major pillar of Leticia’s success is understanding her audience and talking genuinely at their level. Her simple, practical approach appeals to financial beginners and experts alike. Leticia has an excellent track record of leading individual and group sessions as well as running and hosting complete events.