Personal Finances group mentoring programme

For individuals who appreciate learning, sharing experiences and networking with a group pf people with the same learning objectives: optimise their personal finances and learn to invest in the UK. The programme lasts between 8-10 weeks with a small group of 10 -15 people and weekly live sessions in the evenings. The goal is for you to have the knowledge and confidence to make your first investment in the UK. This programme is suitable for individuals who know little to nothing about investing in the UK.

Here are some of the topics that we will go through:

  1. Understand what your current situation is
  2. Establish what you want to achieve (goal setting)
  3. Identify the current barriers
  4. Map your current knowledge
  5. Tax efficient ways to invest in the UK
  6. Platforms
  7. Risk tolerance
  8. Products available
  9. Develop a plan
  10. Put the plan into action

The sessions are online and usually take place on a weekly basis so you don’t lose momentum. We will be using simple tools you can apply to simplify your life.

The results 

The promise is that you will have enough knowledge and support to make your first investment in the UK and create plans for retirement, to purchase your first home and to create the life you wish.

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