Are you part of the 40%?

Many of us don’t like talking about pensions and retirement – so let’s talk about fruit instead. Fruit is juicy and delicious. 🍉

If you want your own supply of fruit, your best option is to plant a tree. You’ll spend some time and energy nurturing that tree until it grows big and strong enough to produce fruit. Your hope is that the fruit will sustain you further down the road.

What happens if the rains fail and the tree doesn’t produce fruit? What happens if the tree gets blight and dies?

Generally you won’t want to rely on just one tree. And you’ll probably choose to diversify the types of tree you plant, in case one particular strain catches blight and doesn’t produce fruit.

Yum yum yum. Pies, jams, fruit salads…sloe gin. A satisfying harvest.

This simplified metaphor is a way to say there’s a pension crisis looming – if it isn’t here already. You don’t want to be caught up in it.

Your retirement will be sustained by the savings and investments you manage to accumulate before you retire.

I’ve said it before: Nearly 40% of Britons are not contributing enough to pensions to maintain their lifestyle in retirement, according to government statistics.

Question for you: What will it take for you to NOT be part of that 40%?
🧑‍🎓 What knowledge do you need?
🛠️ What resources do you need?
🤝 What opportunities do you need?
😖 And will your future self regret not sorting this out early enough?

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