Empowering Women in the UK through Investment Knowledge

When it comes to investing, Boring Money estimates that only 40% of investors are women.

In the UK, 3.3 million fewer women are engaged in investments compared to men. The average private pension for women is £99k, which is £39k lower than that of men, who average £138k.

Despite the fact that 85% of women manage their families’ day-to-day finances, a significant number are hesitant to go after financial guidance. Nevertheless, research anticipates that by 2025, over 60% of the United Kingdom’s wealth will be under the control of women.

Some high income female clients report being approached by Financial Advisors but when the meetings take place, they feel intimidated, uncomfortable and incompetent to deal with their own money. The main cause is that these women simply lack the vocabulary around savings and investments. Regardless of the challenges we all face with understanding financial industry jargon, some women are brave enough to find help and support. They refuse to accept having to rely on other people to take care of their future.

The investment mentoring programme emerged from the need to empower women to take care of their own money. The programme empowered groups of women with the same goals: to put their money to work in the UK, have open money conversations with their mentor and peers, and benefit from personal guidance along the way.

The mentoring programme is a gradual process of learning and practice. Although it is NOT A COURSE, there are some aspects of teaching separate from the wider practice of sharing ideas and experiences for the benefit of the group. Whether mentees already knew something about investment, or were starting from scratch, the goal was to make their first UK investment.

To get participants started on this journey, the programme introduces a simple and effective investment strategy to give women the confidence to continue their journey. The programme goes on for around 3 months to give participants time to learn and put things into practice as well as share their learning with their peers.


“I joined one of Leticia’s mentoring groups, and it was a turning point in my entire life. Aside from gaining valuable financial knowledge, I also made valuable connections. My mind expanded, and my life became more abundant in so many areas. It was a complete transformation in my career, mindset, and lifestyle. I highly recommend Leticia’s projects to everyone, whether it’s an event, a course, or a webinar. I know she puts her heart into it and delivers something extraordinary.

I cannot express my gratitude to Leticia for everything she has done!”

Priscila Abreu, Project Manager I R&D I Industrial Engineer


A lot of women believe that investments are for people who have a lot of money or are savvy when it comes to numbers but once they go through the programme they realise that investing is for everybody.


“It has been a while since I decided to venture into the world of investments. Initially, I had no idea what to look for, how to start, or how to identify the best platform and my investor profile. That’s when I discovered Leticia and the Master Your Finances mentoring programme. Leticia’s approach is simple and effective. She instilled confidence in me to make the right decisions based on my financial life and objectives. Her knowledge and professionalism stood out, and what I appreciated the most was learning about her journey, which inspired me to become an investor myself. I am eager to see how many other women will be inspired like me and join Leticia’s community of female investors.”

Ellen Candil, Engineering Manager I Scrum Master I DevOps Practice


The Impact

After the mentoring programme, the women flourish in their personal, professional and financial lives. They have reported that they feel much more confident to change careers, ask for raises, have confidence in making important financial decisions and they have also shared their knowledge with other members of their family.


About Master Your Finances

Master Your Finances helps to make money matters simple for everyone. This mission is guided by the principle that you are the best person to make decisions about your own personal finances.

Built on three central pillars of self-responsibility, simplicity and independence, Master Your Finances focuses on empowering people to save, manage and grow their money in the UK.

Through founder and managing director Leticia Fonseca, Master Your Finances has helped thousands of individuals master their finances through guidance on how to:

  • Get out of debt
  • Organise their finances and start budgeting
  • Start investing in the UK
  • Boost their retirement savings

Master Your Finances offers services and structures to suit a variety of needs:

  • Personalised one-to-one financial wellbeing sessions
  • On-demand money management courses
  • Group workshops
  • Group mentoring programmes to start investing in the stock market
  • Financial wellbeing awareness seminars

Find more information at masteryourfinances.co.uk

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